Frédéric MENAGER, a chef in the heart of the forest.
Having worked at some of the best restaurants in France, I offer ot share my passion for authentic raw ingredients and my idea of creative cooking in a unique setting.

My career in some of the "Grandes maisons de la Gastronomie Française":

"De 1986 à 1990, I worked in PARIS.
Upon returning from my military service, , Alain Chapel sends me to "Chez Laurent", at the bottom of the "Champs Elysées", for a year.
Its in 1991 that I become a member of the brigade of the great Alain Chapel who has alas, died prematurely several months earlier .Philippe Jousse who has taken over in the kitchen, will teach me over the next four years the importance of the quality of ingredients.
He entrusts the supplying of the restaurant to me for six months, then I become meat and sauce chef for two and a half years.
La Brigade in1992. With the Maître d'Hôtel in 1993.
Finally I am second in command until my departure in 1994.
At this period I join Pierre Gagnaire 's team in Saint-Etienne as Chef saucier. This exceptionally creative chef will have a lasting influence on me.

I decide in 1995 to fend for myself.
After a passage to Beaune, I manage during 5 years kitchens of "Castel de Très Girard" in Morey-Saint-Denis, from1996 to 2001.

Taken by my passion of the good products and my poultry farm of former breeds, disappointed by the new hotel concept, I decide to share differently my professional experience and my idea of the cooking."